Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Uncle Sam eavesdropping?

Man: hello sweetness, I hope you are doing really great. I miss you

Woman: you miss me, huh? I miss you too. So what are you doing now?

Man: I’m talking to the love of my life----and I really miss her more than anything.

Woman: hahahahaha....I miss you as well and wish I could kiss you anywhere.

Man: ooh gosh, that really sounds sweet to hear. Do you know what I’ll do to you?

Woman: I don’t know unless you tell me---are you naked?

Man: certainly I’m naked and feeling very honey-hahahahaha.

Woman: you are really getting me into the grove with your heavy and dark voice-errr- That voice tastes smooth like dark coffee.

Man: I’m blushing real bad awwww-baby.

Woman: hahaha, man blushing-wish I were lying innocently in your arms.

Man: hold on sweetheart, it appears somebody is listening to our conversation.

Woman: who is listening to our conversation, it’s only us on the line-or you are in the room with another woman

Man: hahahaha, you sure know nobody will ever take your place. No one be like you-wish I could sing for you something Psquare.

Woman: don’t patronise me. Anyway who is listening to our conversation—because it’s only us?

Man: yeah I know but I have a feeling somebody is listening to our conversation. The truth national security has gotten all of us to register our sims.

Woman: ooh my gosh! So they heard all of that we said, huh.

I’m not sure how one would react should he fall into such a situation. The national security operatives in the country say they are going ahead to get all mobile companies in the country register their customers, keep the data and as and when it becomes imperative for them to use them, they put in a request. However, not everyone is pleased with the directive lawyers especially are the ones leading the pack in this direction.

They say the security apparatus should go to court and obtain an instrument that will give their exercise some legitimacy. Again, it will allow citizens to interrogate that as well. But that is not something the security chaps will accept. Larry Gbevlo Lartey, a retired colonel from Ghana’s Army, who heads the National Security appear to be telling those loud mouth lawyers to go to hell and rot.

He is not in any mood whatsoever to be caught in this law crap. Mind you he is a lawyer himself and does understand the ramifications that well. But that is not enough.

Seriously speaking, Ghanaians are averse with the name ‘National Security’ because of the way it was used in the past to harass and terrorise people. The truth is people were tortured and killed under the guise of national security. It was a home of terror and many military regimes used that to their advantage.

There is a certain history to national security and not everyone would be pleased to have them lead the pack in this direction. Let the National Communication Authority do that work, say critics.

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  1. Great piece man! Enjoyed it. Especially the dialogue part. Great imagination and creativity.