Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Arsenal heartbreak!

For straight five years, I have had to endure hearbreaks. It has nothing to do with a relationship with women but rather football. Arsenal Football Club, based in North London has been the club i have given almost all my emotions to; buy replica jerseys anytime a work colleague is heading out from London to Ghana, etc. I love the club with every emotion.

I have endured insults and name calling from friends who continue to insist i cut off links with the club. "Why don't you just give up on these kids,' is often the statement I hear. But i can't. Arsenal is to me a breast milk to a fresh baby. I have heard stories about how important it is for people to even stay and be loyal to their teams during those hard times. I have done all of that and i'm not about to ditch Arsenal for any club.

Will surely not do that. But it was really heartbreaking when on Wednesday night of April 14th,2010,I had to seen the dream of the club winning its first trophy in five years evaporates. And the defeat did not come to no any club than main rivals, Hotspurs. I was heartbroken! I had earlier in the day challenged a colleague i was going to thrash spurs to the extent that they'll not find their training pitch. I was wrong. I had to go back to work with my face hidden behind sunglasses. I had lost.

Since the defeat, I have spent time reading news articles from the UK and listening to the BBC Sports programme, Sports Roundup' and the song is the same; 'enough is enough, Arsene Wenger must buy.' It's without a doubt that he is the club's greatest manager but his stubbornness for not wanting to strengthen the squad is causing sleepless nights to the club's fans all over the world.

Fans in Africa and for that matter Ghana are as much worried as those in England, who pay for season tickets to watch the games. It is really heartbreaking. It has not been easy for me at all.

But will I quit supporting the club? a big 'NO. Arsenal forever but Arsene must buy!

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  1. Lol, no sympathy mate! I support Man U...better luck next yr!