Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Cup, the Madiba's and tragedy

Finally the tournament i hear, and South Africa, the host, goes into the game, this afternoon against Mexico, hoping to win the game. The excitement has long been bubbling for months and got more to its fever pitch days before the first ball is kicked. More than ninety thousand partisan supporters with their vuvuzelas are expected to pack the stadium, and give the Bafana-Bafana the needed boost. It is first time in Africa and almost everyone including the Mandela's were looking forward to the game. However the death of a thirteen year old great granddaughter moments after the concert in the Soweto appear to have shattered their joys. The thirteen year old girl who is said to have celebrated her birthday two days ago, was driving home from the concert venue when the tragedy occurred. News report at the moments are mixed as to whether or not Nelson Mandela will be attending the opening ceremony. He is largely credited for bringing the tournament to the one time aparthied South Africa and his presence, according to most South Africans, will inspire the team to victory. But with the tragedy now sitting right at the centre of their home, it will be hard for the man to leave the family behind and celebrate with the football fans. The Mandela is a global brand and inasmuch as his iconic status brought the tournament to South Africa, the latest tragedy adds to the family's biography. 'Ke na Ko but certainly not in this moment of tragedy!

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