Thursday, October 7, 2010

Titus Glover!

I firmly believe New Patriotic Party’s Titus Glover needs to check in at the psychiatric hospital. Being in opposition has made him senile, so he talks by-heart. He talks as if he’s sitting on a chamber pot. I heard him last Tuesday evening on Oman Fm’s Boiling Point programme threatening war should his party lost the 2012 elections.

What utter foolishness. If he thinks war is a luxury then he should look at Liberia. I don’t know to tell the ugly spectacle of that country, once a beautiful land with great and amazing women. It was plunged on its knees by self- seeking politicians who believe either they get the power or the rest of the country sinks into the abyss.

Ranting like an unhappy dog, Titus said the 2012 elections will be war and his party, the NPP, will go all out to fight the ruling National Democratic Congress. While I acknowledge it is his right to battle the NDC in elections, I strongly believe this stinky language of ‘war mongering’ should not be coming from him.

He stupidly ignored the fact that declaring war in Ghana also means Nana Akufo-Addo, the NPP presidential candidate, cannot get the opportunity to rule. He has forgotten that nobody can govern a country on the slide: It will not happen. His desperation to get into power has nothing to do with efforts to provide quality social amenities to the citizens.

Titus’s party was in power for eight years and yet the young chaps at Tema Community one, Site Two continued to peddle drugs because they had no jobs. His home is across the street to that particular area so he saw the difficulties most of the young lads there were going through and yet did nothing about it. He did not care. It is therefore important for him to sit quietly and enjoy the fortunes he amassed for the eight. However, if the fuming and the ranting are because he was unable to loot anything, just like his contemporaries before they left power, then I’m sorry for him. I weep for him.

Politics is a contest of ideas and if he finds that difficult to handle, then it will be important for him to take a back seat and allow sound minded persons within the NPP to speak on radio. But this desperation for power which often lead him to make silly comments will not be tolerated at all. If he thinks he’ll call for war and then fly out his country, then he is lying to himself; that will not happen because the war will end soon as the fires from the war consume his wife, kids and himself. Ghana may have its own challenges but it is a lovely place to stay in. I’ll love this country to enjoy the peace and quietness so I can go out and enjoy my live band music, despite the economic challenges.

Therefore the call by Titus Glover that there will be war in the event the NPP loses elections is gibberish. I know his family very well: I went to school with his twin brothers (they are domiciled outside the country), stayed directly opposite a home with his late Uncle and also know some of his family members. They are well behaved and of sound mind. They are not war mongers just because the party they support is not in power, no. the issues for them are whether or not elected governments have been able to deliver on their policies.

Titus Glover is desperate to get back into power, which almost everyone understands. But he must do so with decorum. It is therefore important for him to speak issues instead of this cheap and idiotic threat of war if his party or candidate does not win the elections. The likes of him have no place in Ghanaian politics.

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