Monday, March 1, 2010

Breaking Neuz!

I’m going to talk about two issues: First will be the fallouts from the congress of the opposition New Patriotic Party and the sour ‘salads’ if I have to use that phrase. The second will be a statement issued by the Ga chief or King Joe Blankson. I’ll however like to deal with the first issue first. I was one of the few who had predicted the flogging of Charles Wereko-Brobbey, one of the contestants for the chairmanship position.

I was hopeful he was not going to get even one hundred votes, despite repeated noises that he had been to everywhere in the country and that delegates had assured him of the necessary votes. He ought to have consulted Arthur Kennedy about what delegates can do even when they had taken your money from you.

So for him to come and tell Ghanaians he had gone through all the regions and it was his right to become chairman smacks of sour ‘salades. On Monday morning when Joy Fm called him to share some few thoughts about why he lost, he said those who had promised to vote for him were induced with cash.

Doesn’t that make for a good laugh? Inducement and how is doing that? I love the word especially when it comes from a character like the man they called Tarzan, who supervised one of the most useless bodies, the Ghana@50, in the history of this country. It was under his watch that this country wasted loads of money to party, when people didn’t have quality drinking water (and they still don’t have) and the quality of education excessively low.

How does a party like the NPP entrust its chairmanship in the hands of a man who said he took up appointment but didn’t have a clue as to what was expected of him. Brobbey or Tarzan is a funny character, to say the least.

This guy is full of him self. He believes he speaks better English or whatever done everyone else and so should be made party chairman. What rubbish! It will be important for him to shut his mouth and moustache and think about how he can strategize to win the presidential slot of the party (that I know he’ll lose as well) instead of hipping accusations at the delegates.

My second issue is with this Ga Chief or King called Joe Blankson. The man is angry President Mills, since assuming power, had failed to invite him to participate in state functions so he could have the opportunity to eat and drink. Is that not a sick joke? Somebody of his calibre should be pushing for developments for his people rather than this idea of wanting to dine with the president and foreign guests.

He has been around for a little over three years and I’m yet to hear him make a single policy statement geared towards improving the lives of his people. There are good number of Ga youths in this country who have no jobs or even decent education and one would be expecting that such issues engage the mind of the Chief. But naaah!

He rather prefers self and personal comfort; a dinner with the president so he can enjoy in alcohol, get drunk and come home to sleep while his people suffer. Even so stupid of his comments was the accusation that he is suffering from the victimisation’ because the government perceives him to hve been forced on his 'own people' by the former NPP government.

This is really interesting especially coming from Joe Blankson himself. He should tell Ghanaians what happened during his so-called installation as the Chief. I hope he has not forgotten that heavy police presence ensured he became a chief.

It’s sickening to hear him rant and rave like a child running after a toffee in shopping mall. It will be important for him to tell Ghanaians or the people of Ga his policy plan to help bring some comfort to them.

This thing of running to the press because he has been ignored from a tall list of those who go to dine and wine with the president is not only petty but amount to foolishness.

We need progressive chiefs not the likes of the Joe Blanksons whose stomachs mean a lot to them!

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