Monday, March 29, 2010

Celibate Yoke: Boys Not Women are welcomed

Current events emanating from the Catholic Church point to a certain fixation their Priests have towards children instead of women. Priests have acquired such a fine taste for molesting young people in their parishes, contrary to their own perceived beliefs as ‘Holy Fathers.’

And in rather bizarre sleeping arrangements, a good numbers of priests have been busy bedding most of their children in the churches who, ironically, see them as spiritual fathers. The recent revelation, though not surprising, is the abuse of deaf children in the 1970s by one Father Lawrence Murphy, a notorious molester of children at Wisconsin.

Now deceased, Father Murphy, according to released documents, took advantage of the children, mostly deaf, who came to him for spiritual guidance and bedded them. He spent his ‘priestly’ times sleeping with the kids against their will and though reports were sent to the Vatican about his behavior, officials who received the documents slept over it.

Fingers are now pointing at Pope Benedict XIV for his role in the purported cover up. His credibility now hangs on a thin thread, as calls for him to resign continue to grow. He has been forced to render apologies to sexual acts committed by his subordinates mostly in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United States.

The New York Times reported that documents available to them indicate that long before he became Pope, he failed to response to letters about the abuse of children in the United States. Again in 1996, according to the documents in the New York Times’s possession, Cardinal Ratzinger on two occasions failed to act on letters he personally received.

They concerned the Rev. Lawrence Murphy, who worked at a Wisconsin school for deaf children from the 1950s, according to a report carried by the BBC.
The report further said that two archbishops wrote letters to a Vatican office led by then Cardinal Ratzinger for him to act on the reports but he halted the process, giving the sexually notorious Murphy to continue his abuse of children in blissfulness.

Calls for the Pope to resign has been growing however, the Vatican has also expressed its unflinching support for him. The church is not like any corporation, one catholic faithful who spoke to the BBC Focus on Africa programme on Friday. She thinks the pope has done the right thing by apologizing and the matter should rest there.

Rest there, dude?

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  1. The Catholic Church just can't seem to get it right! Every corner they turn and there's another scandal. The church's policy was to cover up not protect the children. Thank goodness the victims spoke out and have campaigned for justice for so long. In these circumstances you are right to suggest that 'sorry' is not enough.

    Perhaps this is what happens when you try to force adult men to deny their sexual nature by requiring celebacy?