Friday, September 24, 2010

The idiots within.

Sometimes when I hear persons appointed into responsible positions behave as if they have no brains of their own, I get upset. I get angry, to say the least. Especially when such persons are enjoying salaries collected from the ordinary folks in this country.

That is why I still can’t understand the rationale behind the fruitless efforts the heads of the social welfare department are trying to put up in order to exonerate themselves from failing to protect the children at the Osu Children’s Home whose lives have been left in the hands of treacherous caretakers, who spend endless periods of time abusing them with excitement.

Since the ugly story broke following seven months of undercover works done by investigative journalist Anas Aremayaw Anas of the New Crusading Guide, both Albert Adongo, the head of the department and his assistant Daniel Opare Asare, have not been men enough to accept the fact that they failed in their jobs by regularly visiting the home to make sure the children are ok.

The two idiots are telling the committee investigating the matter that the journalist’s story is skewed in order to make them look bad. What rubbish! I have heard the two idiots speak on two private radio stations and the words from their mouths stink. They speak not with their heads but stomachs. For example on Thursday evening on the Eyewitness News on Accra’s based Citi FM, I heard Abongo’s assistant foolishly questioning the ‘motive’ behind the story done by the journalist.

His claim was that the journalist manipulated the kids into posing for him to take shots of them. What garbage. One of the harrowing scenes of the video captured one of the care-takers furiously unleashing canes either in the palm or the back of the children for failing to pay their school fees. The report is that she was moved from her position and sent to the ‘Shelter for Abuse Children’ so she can continue torturing the children. I couldn’t believe it and yet, that was one of the stories Opare-Asare put forward to exonerate himself and that of his boss for their failure to do their jobs.

Again, he said the department is constraint in several areas including budgetary support and related resources. He said the budget they receive is only one percent of what they often send to the ministry for approval. If it is unfortunate, if that is true but it does not form enough grounds for himself and the boss to sit in their offices, enjoy the tax payers money and, perhaps, spend the rest between the thighs of young women.

The story at Osu Children’s Home is very worrying and my only prayer is that the committee concludes its work, hand over the report to the ministry of employment and social welfare for the necessary action to be taken. It will be an injustice should the report come out and exonerate those who ought to be punished.

My only thing therefore will be that the blood of those young children who died as a result of endless beatings they had to go through from the hands of the caretakers will rest heavily on the heads of those who sat on the committee.

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  1. This needed to be said so well done for that. The scary thing is that if the Osu home is the cream of government child welfare, what the hell is going on in the other homes?