Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rubbish Politics.

The decency in Ghanaian politics has obviously been sacrificed to sheer stupidity. Since the space of the so called democracy was opened more than ten years ago, all that has been going on is stupidity. Politicians have permanently lost their sense of decency and have all joined the fray of crude politics such as naming calling, stealing and bare faced madness.

The recently released United Nations Development Report about the Millennium Development Goals clearly indicted the political leadership. The report said apart from education which is somewhat moving in a certain direction, though the quality is still an issue, action taken on maternal mortality and poverty is zero. The report said all that politicians have spent time doing in the country is simply talking crap. Almost every single policy statement that was spoken about for ten years was never implemented, leaving majority of the population in poverty.

It is obvious what the politicians are best in doing is loot the state resources and spend it on themselves and concubines, while the rest of the population is left in misery. There is no priority towards improving the lives of the ordinary people most of whom are used as ‘political handsets’ during election periods. The by-election at Atiwa is just an example.

The content of the report does not surprise somebody like me. The robbery mentality of our political elites is so well known. What kind of leader will go to a foreign country, borrow money to fight mosquitos and yet spend more than fifty million dollars to dancing around like a masquerader before the public?

Either the person is mad or has no clue what holding political leadership is all about. That is exactly what former president John Kufour and his band of plunderers did to the poor man’s money. He spent the money just dancing around with equally brain dead African political figures in the name of celebrating 50 years of nationhood. The money was just stashed into personal accounts while social amenities for ordinary people still hang in the balance.

Rather than reform and change their ways, these same politicians are foolishly telling us who is homosexual and who is not. I have my personal views about gays but I’m still wondering how that adds up to the daily struggle of ordinary Ghanaians.

Prince Derrick Adjei, the deputy national youth coordinator of the National Youth Secretariat was accused by a rather faceless and idiotic characters within the opposition NPP’s branch in the United Kingdom of being gay. The letter was not signed and that alone was enough prove it was a calculated attempt to hound him, because of his consistent bashing of the NPP and their elements.
There are decent minds in the NPP who will not sink to such absurdity. Prince was advised to just ignore it and move on. I’m not sure what he knew but suddenly went to town accusing members of parliament of being homosexuals.

Under certain jurisdictions that ought not to be an issue but in a country where people foolishly pretend to be pious and yet go about doing things under the cover of darkness, it is a whole canker on its own. Just recently some senior officials from the clergy warned the president not to give in to demands that gays and lesbians should be granted freedoms to practice. That is the extent to which the issue is a taboo in this country.

Mr. Adjei threw the counseling he received into the dustbin and went to town, getting himself in a self-created mess. Now he is going around saying there are journalists who are homosexuals. That is for him to prove. I have read several comments on facebook which were not nice to his person.

He could have avoided the mess but invited it upon himself. It is clear politics in this country has sunk so low that almost every crap is used just doing anything to stay up where the loot can easily be reached.

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