Thursday, November 18, 2010

David Oscar must end the crap on Viasat1

Whoever advised David Oscar to quit his daytime job so he could take up comedy as a career had done him a great disservice. It would have been better if he had advised him to throw himself into the ocean. It would have been better for him to have been shot in the groin than walk about so he could get the energy to host that t crap of a show called, Laugh A Minute on Viasat 1. He is simply pathetic on the show.

It has been more than a month since the show started airing and I can confidently say the feedback became has been extremely disastrous: Take that crap off air to save him from further embarrassment; I hear a voice say to the owners of the station. The show is the ugliest thing I have ever come across in my life, at least since I started watching comedy show as a kid and now an adult. There is nothing funny about either David Oscar himself or the content he provides on each day.

I was one of those to have seen the first episode of the show. I happened to have bumped into the show at an eatery at Osu. The show had barely travelled the halfway mark when I told friends I was sipping drinks with that it was not fit as junk.

Watching the show is like sticking a sharp knife to your own throat; it stinks, to even be charitable to him. The unfortunate thing is that almost every episode gets worse by the day. On the 17th of November, 2010 I was out with my friends at a drink joint when they started the show. Almost everyone especially the ladies chuckled.

‘This guy is miserable on set, one lady retorted. Another who said David Oscar, the presenter, is a friend could not even hide her embarrassment. She said she had advised him to quit the show to save him from further disgrace from the public. On that particular show, he brought a placard on stage with the inscription ‘Tsofi or Turkey tail is good for boys and girls.’ Whoever advised him to include that with the intent of getting the audience to crack their ribs got it all wrong.

He received endless insults and more chuckles from almost anyone who entered the premises. His actions on stage could best be described as putting a tortoise in the same track with a horse for a race. The answer is best kept than answered.


  1. Just two words endlessly repeated - Thank You, Thank You, Thank you....

    But perhaps the director of the show should also take responsibility. TV can often make the talentless appear talented. Why couldn't this director achieve this simple thing?

  2. @Anny, check this one ... Ghanaian Comedian David Oscar Is A Complete Joke -

  3. Ohhhh, what a shame. That a man (David Oscar) should make so much effort for it to fall into the gutter so spectacularly as you say it has. Who are his advisors? Who are his writers?? Maybe some people need to be sacked because he is taking the fall for being the front man when it takes a whole team to create a show.

  4. Hmn. I have never watched this laugh-a-minute crap but I can easily imagine what trash it is. I knew the guy was empty inside when I saw him on KSM's show playing the "Ghanaian" card and trying to imply "they" can do better than Nigerian comedians.

    My point is, when a man has to rely on his "Ghanaianess" to win attention/sympathy, you can be sure he has nothing to offer cos if he did, he would be celebrated whether he was a Ghanaian or not.

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