Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ms. Mo’s sex diary.

Who doesn’t like the smell of sex stories? We all do! Especially when elements making up the story are not only hot and spicy but send the entire nation running after straws, are still unclear, we still persist in getting the whole pie. And so for a woman in her late 20s to get the whole of Ghana talking about sex, robber and free speech must be unique.

She must have the brains of great writers such as Günter Grass, Stephen King or Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou, ---and to tell able to tell such a compelling story that even elements within both the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party will, without a surprise, throw mud at each other, Ms. Mo must obviously be an award winning writer.

The unfortunate thing however is that the content of her diary, though spiced with bouts of sex, remains unclear. Nobody knows exactly what the content of her diary truly is, not even those on the bus. Except for the driver and other passengers who had said that, indeed, the bus came under fire but the driver was smart enough to whisk them away, the content of her diary remains unclear. Even the lawyers defending her are not certain the actual details as contained in the diary.

I heard the driver myself on Metro TV’s “Good Evening Ghana” programme on Tuesday, 2 November 2010, repeating the exact things I had read elsewhere of him. He was alleged to have sexed five women continuously until he lost consciousness and had to be resuscitated by the robbers to continue his job. There was also the account that an old woman was sexed by an energetic youngman to the extent that she was thanking him for a ‘good job’ done.

Then there was also the account that a man traveling with his 14 year old daughter was subjected to complete humiliation when he was asked by the robbers to sex his own daughter. I must confess my spirit sank into despair when I heard that particular chilling account. But it is now emerging all these reports were completely made up by Amina for whatever reasons best known to her.

Not so much of Ms. Mo’s account but the sudden desperation on the side of politicians to make capital out of the mess she has invited onto herself makes me sick. What the heck are they trying to prove? So far I have heard unreasonable commentaries from officials of both the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party give their own account as to how the incident appears.

The NDC’s chap in Cape Coast called Allotey Jacobs, who talks as if he’s fanning a dead elephant in a deep forest, claimed the account put out by Amina was at the behest of elements in the opposition NPP to discredit the government.

It was a rather irresponsible comment which to the best of my knowledge should be ignored-but I was wrong. NPP’s party Chairman Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, one of former president’s Kufour’s boys who spent time in office grabbing properties with both hands and feet, launched a tirade on Jacobs, describing his comment as balderdash.

Subsequent to that, I have heard elements within the pro NPP Alliance for Accountable Governance group slammed the police communication director, Kwesi Ofori, as being inconsistent with his own accounts of events. I thought that was the height of stupidity and insincerity. The NPP left power barely two years ago and it was the same policeman who was running around defending the government.

When the parcels of cocaine mysteriously disappeared from the police headquarters during the reign of the NPP, it was this same policeman who was all over the place defending the service and government. Even when it was clear that the former IGP had been cited as being friends with one of the then baron, Issa Abbas, Kwesi Ofori went out on his own way to defend him and the government.

It is unfortunate but when you hear people in the caliber of the AFAG’s and their like minds talk, you wonder if there is any hope for this country.

I also heard another element say what is happening is stifling free speech. This is obviously a stupid statement to make. It is clear they’re chasing up this Amina story purely for political gains, they don’t mean well for the youngwoman.

Her mess is their gain.

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