Monday, November 29, 2010

No tears for Yvonne Nelson

I must first and foremost say that this article I’m about writing is very subjective because I have not heard from the young woman, Yvonne Nelson and I don’t intend to hear her response before I say anything, so read on.

I have been away from Ghana but thanks to technology I’m following the news back in Ghana. I have been following the happenings in the political, soccer and entertainment front. I’m not interested in talking about politics or football, I will talk about entertainment and by this, I’m going to talk about actress Yvonne Nelson.

I listened to the evening news on Joyfm on Monday (29th November, 2010) and the news that Yvonne Nelson has been banned for a year by film producers struck me. Initially I wanted to shut the link so I could finish reading an article in the ‘economist magazine, but the Yvonne Nelson story was pretty much exciting.

The story says she has been suspended for a year because of indiscipline. I must first say that I don’t know her in person, except in some of the few movies I have seen her acted in(I don’t watch most of her type of movies) however, information about her that I have heard have never been positive. I know friends who eat showbiz news and have often been critical of her behaviour; she is arrogant with very much uncomplimentary showings in public.

I remember an article one of my colleagues wrote and during the caption of her photograph, we wrote that her beauty is not appropriately placed with her character.

The thing is, there are most people in this country who continue to indulge in this fantasy that Yvonne Nelson is the most prettiest thing that ever happened to womanhood in Ghana, that she is the most sexiest and that men are lucky to even become friends with her and because of this delusive ‘wig’ sitting on her head, she goes around fooling and talking down to those who have made her who she is at this time. This is not the first time I story about her has come up, like I said, because I have heard many people say she is arrogant and disrespectful.

And I want to insist that this self Importance has nothing to do with her acting qualities but this misconception that she is pretty. I wonder what kind of pretty people talk about when they mention her. What is the use of beauty without character?
In my young life I have seen some of the prettiest ladies across colours and they are as meek as anything. I have seen some of the prettiest and sexiest women in their 40s, 50s and even below who are more responsible and respectful towards people. It is important for people to sit that young woman down and let her know that her so-called beauty (which people don’t see) is nothing more than just a vapour.

The country’s movie scene had seen some of the most striking females more than three decades before she was born. I wonder how she can compare with somebody like Abi Adetse or or Dzifa Gomashie? These are women with melting looks-the mention of their names is good enough to make a man lose his brains. Yvonne Nelson doesn’t compare in anyway, that is the truth. If she thinks her arrogance is what will take her to either Hollywood or whichever place she is aiming at going, then I’m sorry to say that has well been buried long before her name comes up. I don’t know who she listens to but those of her peers who are pleading for her to be forgiven, they should tell her to respect people. If she thinks her so-called beauty alone is good enough to give her an acting role, then I’m sorry to say she will remain at the base for many centuries to come.

I’m not a big fan of Jackie Appiah but I wonder how she, Yvonne Nelson, can compare with her. Her eyes are enough to thwart any so-called beauty Yvonne Nelson may have.
Even Central University where she recently graduated from, doesn’t she see the quality of good looking ladies with character? They are those we call beautiful women not those who prance around the space with their arrogant behaviour.

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  1. You have your reasons for saying all these but for me i think her Character has nothing to do with her quality. i am a big football fan and i have seen players like SUAREZ,BALOTELLI,TEVEZ etc good players who have very bad characters in and out of the pitch but football is not ready to loose them.Such talent are not easy to find so try to bring them to good morals than sending them home. (Tanah Terri)