Friday, November 12, 2010

Did J.A. Kufour sample any bottom?

Dishonorable Member of Parliament for Asokwa in the Ashanti Region, Maxwell Kofi Jumah, obviously has an oral cavity that leaks. He talks by-heart and for somebody who makes laws for sane people and expects them to abide by it, that is a worrying trend. His recent comments about the former mayor of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Patricia Appiagyei show how cheap he can be. He says the woman used her buttocks to secure the job as KMA, which he once occupied. He comes across as a dirty and filthy speaker, whose contributions to issues have been horrendous. He told a radio station in Kumasi that if Ms Appiagyei thinks she can, once again, use her ‘bottom’ to unseat him so she takes over his seat, then she must be joking.

“'She thinks she succeeded me as a Metro Chief Executive, and because of that, she can unseat me as an MP. Let me tell her, she can use her bottom to secure the mayor position, but as an MP, it is about elections,'

The political loose cannon has since apologise but I’m a bit surprise about how his own MPs have deliberately turned a blind eye to his reckless comments. He should be hauled before their so-called ‘appointment committee’ for him to answer for his unguarded comments, and provide answers as to who and who benefitted from the ‘bottom’ services. They are quick to issue threats about inviting people to appear before that useless ‘appointments committee’ for the innocuous write up about them and, yet, are unable to bring their own member to book for his ‘by-heart’ comments.

I remember how upset they were when the Africa Watch magazine published an article which ranked most of them for their poor performance. The rather true story did not go down with most of them and out of stupidity; they decided to summon the publisher of the report. Thank God he did not come. Such self importance.

Per appointment into such a political office, the appointment of Ms. Appiagyei was done by former President John Kufour so Kofi Jumah’s statement therefore means the former president ‘banked’ the woman before offering her the position.
This is really interesting especially when the former president has come under barrages of attacks from the public for his strong interest in women.

There was even a joke about his alleged romance a female television presenter in this country and how after taking off her cloth the lady, out of anxiety took a gentle look at him. Mr. Kufour was reported to have told the lady in the Akan language; are u surprise is me the sitting president who is undressing you, huh? I have several times heard other jokes in that same direction. Therefore if Kofi Jumah’s comment gives credence to that rumour, then it means most of those pretty ladies in several positions had to ease their clothe for the ‘big man’ to sample their joyous places in sleeping arrangements before taking their appointment letters.

Only time will tell.


  1. he has since apologised.personally i think that commentators including you are just stoking the fires by mention the name of the former president in this matter,even its a well known fact that the power of appointments is vested in the presidency.

    lets cut the man some slack, after all he didnt mention the name of the president directly. in anycase doesn't the president make appointments based on consultations and recommendations?

  2. is that the woman's 'bottom'? the last picture i mean?
    personally i don't see why choices made by adults in relation to their sexuality should be made big deals like this in governance!!! unless there's some clear-cut laid down rules or abuse of state funds, hey! let whatever bottom be sampled by whoever chooses to so do!!!