Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. K. Agyei’s loose tongue

‘There are several ways of killing the cat,’ was the phrase that emanated from the mouth of NDCs Chairman Dr. Kwabena Agyei. He made the statement at a press conference organized by his party, on Tuesday, to react to allegations, by his own party that certain rulings that had gone against government were because judges at the Supreme Court are against them.

His unguarded and stupid statement had created a storm in the country, with almost everyone making reference to an incident that happened back in the 1980s. Obviously, the comments were very stupid, like I said, and had pitched his party in an ugly position.

It was a needless statement that could have been avoided but his stupidity has landed his own party in a mess. Everybody knows the judiciary is corrupt, no too waste about that. Even an ordinary child knows that very well. Even the Chief Justice herself has come out to admit that there is corruption at the bench.

Kwabena Agyei also has the right to express his opinion about the way the judiciary is handling things, and that could have been done in a more decorous manner. But to say that the judiciary needs to be ‘cleanse’ is idiotic, and smacks of a desperate politician who is sitting on a chamber pot hanging on top of a tree. How is he going to react if by tomorrow any of the judges he intends ‘cleansing’ dies in a car crash?

How is he going to react to the news? I think people who are well educated in our societies ought to be measured in their statements. This idiotic and childish statement of threats coming from the likes of loud and stinky mouth Kwabena Agyei should not be tolerated. He has embarrassed himself, the party and the entire country and he ought to come and apologise. His explanation that his comments were meant to restore confidence in the judiciary is nothing but foolish.

I also hear the Ashanti Regional branch of the bar association has boycotted, indefinitely, its services in solidarity with judges sitting on the Supreme Court. What hypocrisy! The same bar association during the former NPP government went to bed, refusing to comment on the many political infractions happening at the time.

The then Bar Association president Kwame Tetteh made it clear at a press conference the association was not going to comment on any political issue. It emerged that an appointment to serve on a state owned board was the reason for his statement.

The entire GBA is suffering from identity crisis because of that foolish decision.

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