Wednesday, August 11, 2010

E.T Mensah senile suggestion to NDC foot soldiers.

I have just read a disturbing article on the website of Accra’s based Joy FM. It is a story about the woman called Gizele Yadzi, the alleged mistress of former President John Kufour whom the latter had spent time in memorable sleeping arrangement with, and as a result of which two children were brought on earth. The woman is back in the news, thanks to Kufour’s own self righteous revelation. I don’t have children with her, he said but fell short of saying he took off her pants. Speaking to journalists in Accra to mark 9 years of the repeal of the criminal libel law, Mr. Kufour told the ‘happy boot licking journalists (most of them) that he did not father any baby outside his marriage. He said all his children are the ones with wife Theresa. It took him seven years to confess or speak out on the issue, and that has opened the can of worms. His denial has thrown everything into chaos, with the woman insisting there're twins in Kufour's name.

She is back and making the same silly accusation of Kufour’s twins but can’t produce any picture of them. Even Richard Anane’s O’Brien has brought pictures of their son. The child is a gain to Ghana, Anane said. Funny, huh? Gizele should do same and shut up.
But back to E.T. Mensah. The story says he has implored NDC ‘foot soldiers’ to get copies of the tape and play it around the entire country for Ghanaians to know the kind of person Kufour is. But

…Babo, (Baffoe Bonney, CEO of Radio Gold) Babo should take note, let’s do something about Radio Gold so that they can be heard thought the country because this is a story that should be told again and again and again and I want to appeal to our foot soldiers ‘let us all go and get copies and play in our constituencies, this is something that people need to know,” he was quoted to have said on Radio Gold.

What foolishness, E.T.? The MP from my hometown has shown gross disrespect for the foot soldiers. Some few weeks ago these same foot soldiers were screaming and running around, locking offices and threatening people with death because they can’t find jobs. E.T. was around when all the crappy behavior of these guys was going on.

I never heard him say a single word about how the foot soldiers could be helped to get jobs, or given capital to set up businesses of their choice. It was not an issue to him. He cares more about his position and pocket.

He sat in parliament (and good grief this man is making laws for us to obey) and read all the noise going on around him and never said anything. Even as a minister for employment and social welfare he’s not been able to put down any concrete plan regarding how the foot soldiers can be helped. He does not see these guys worthy of any good thing apart from carrying tapes around to add to the silly woes of Kufour.

E.T’s son is studying in America. Every single day he wires money into his account while the foot soldiers wallow in misery and poverty. They walk distances on dusty roads in search of their daily bread. E.T has collected enough per diem and ex-gratia because of his long service in parliament. He has not thought about setting aside a fraction of that money to help the foot soldiers. I have heard personal accounts by some of these foot soldiers about the struggle to even get decent meal a day. That is not E.T’s concern. He needs them to carry the tapes and play them around the country. But I don’t blame E.T.

It is the foot soldiers I blame. I can bet my last coin majority of them will run after the tape without even thinking they’ve not eaten any decent meal.

On ward foot soldiers, it is time to March on for Gizele’s tapes.

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