Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ghana is an Ass(2)

Celebrate but not for long, Attorney General Betty Mould Iddrisu has told Kwadwo Mpiani and Wereko-Brobbey who were on Tuesday acquitted by an Accra High Court for stealing huge sums of money from the state under the pretext of celebrating a rather useless golden jubilee celebration.

The court struck out the case on the grounds that the findings of the commission of enquiry established by the president to investigate the stealing of state money were not enough grounds to nail the two. So they were left to go home and enjoy their kept booty. But the Attorney General, who told Accra’s based Joy FM on Tuesday that she’ll appeal the judgment, was out of the country when judgment was passed. What the heck was she doing out of the country?

In a statement sent across the board, the Mrs Mould-Iddrisu said the two can drink their champagne for now but will have to get ready to face the courts

“The Attorney-General wishes to point out that the discharge of the accused persons by the court is not a determination of their guilt or innocence. It is consequently not an acquittal as has been erroneously interpreted in certain quarters.

She said she was going to study the ruling and will “appropriate actions that will address the procedural issues raised by the court.”

“The Attorney-General’s office wishes to assure Ghanaians that it remains firm in its resolve to seek justice for the people of Ghana,” the statement said.
Inasmuch as I’m saddened by the ruling I’m encouraged by the statement from the AG that the case will be appealed and the two plunderers will have their day in court.

It will heart my soul if the two are allowed to go without a fight. Even their own party followers know they plundered the coffers, so why allow them to leave. The law is an ASS but not in this case. The two must be back to respond to the many cases against them. I have faith in the law but the two must not go home for free. They must be made to cough up every single dime they have looted into their accounts.

The money spent for that lousy celebration could have gone into education, water, health, and security. Majority of our folks are still studying under trees while the looted money sits in their accounts. Pregnant mothers are still sleeping on cold floors at the hospitals and rather than use the money to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, the two decided to push that into their account.

Too many times we’ve seen our politicians come to power, steal and walk away for free without being made to pay back. It is unfair. A poor man goes to steal a fowl and he goes in for life. A politician plunders and he goes home to his wife and concubines.
Government will do all of us good especially the struggling masses if these two plunderers are brought back to serve their time behind bars.

This steal and walk away home can’t be tolerated by the good people anymore.

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