Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ghana is an Ass!

My initial reaction was that of scorn to the news that both Wereko-Brobby chief executive officer of the defunct Ghana@50 secretariat and Kwadwo Mpiani had been freed by a high court in Accra on the grounds the case against them was unconstitutional. My face hanged in my palms and wondered if we are a serious people in this country. It is only a mad person who, in his madness, will say these guys, who obviously spent the state resources in a more reckless manner, should go home, eat dinner and have sex with either their wives or concubines.

I’m not a lawyer but I’m not sure how on earth could a so-called high court tell Ghanaians especially the ordinary persons who pay taxes through a pinched skin that these plunderers must go home because there is no case against them. I can imagine the champagne sitting right on their tables. Shit!

Wereko-Brobby obviously spent reckless amount of money during that useless celebration which provided him the opportunity to loot from the state coffers. Was he not the man who promised fleets of toilets around every single highway and was unable to provide? Did the court ask where the money went? Obviously not, so why this silly judgment?

Did those wig wearing chaps sitting there at the high courts with their silly heads ever thought about what happened to the proceeds from the sale of the houses at the AU village? That clearly is not important to them because they’ll take ‘nokofio’ from those plunderers. It is their stock in trade, most of them. That is a fact!

The judiciary is corrupt, we hear about that all the time. Surely the man should be smiling wherever he maybe, having succeeded in outsmarting a rather lazy Attorney General and her deputy who have failed to build up any credible case against those corrupt in the system. Mills must sit the woman down and pump some sense into her over-greasy hair. The poor tax payer is losing millions to these plunderers.

Her per diem is a life saving grace for most people in this country and must therefore sit up or gets her ass kicked by those spineless ‘foot-soldiers.’ I wonder why those irritants have not demonstrated against her as they have done to others.

Back to my issue with these plunderers. Somebody like that Kwadwo Mpiani should not even be allowed to go home and browse his wife’s ‘gadgets. What the hell!
This chap literally turned the castle into money save and dished the monies out the way and manner he liked. He was the most powerful chap in the country, apart from the president. He respected his own fart more than even the sitting vice president.

He told sitting MPs who questioned him about how much this poor country was spending to celebrate that foolish celebration to go and build their own house before asking him any question. He was the man, the Bokassa of Ghanaian politics, the Field Marshal Idi Amin Dada, the giver of fresh breath and spender of our money.

He spewed foolish things from his ugly head (mine is not nice but better than his). He is now going home to enjoy his booty. It saddens my heart. He supervised massive thievery against the people of this country. Only God knows how much he has in his accounts.

I’m sad that monies that ought to have gone into education, provision of portable water and security are now sitting silently in the accounts of plunderers while majority of Ghanaians wallow in pain and misery.

God help us!

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  1. Just to let you know I've been here. As a taxpayer as well, I would like people under suspicion of being associated with the loss of State funds to be prosecuted. I say no more.