Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ghana’s spicy sex and judiciary stories.

These are interesting times. Especially for those of us living in Ghana it’s pretty much interesting. While our politicians are busy throwing mud at each other following a statement made by an overzealous party chairman towards the judiciary, some citizens are also busy exploring their romantic domains.

The judiciary tantrums or whatever is well known to all of us. Except this time around some elements within the ruling NDC are just making needless and unguarded statements which appear to suggest the party has some diabolical agenda against some members of the judiciary. It is not true. That’s why I have a problem with the incessant campaign the opposition NPP continues to embark on to suggest members of the judiciary could be killed just as some judges were killed in the 1980s.

That is rubbish and I still stand by it. I don’t think any judge’s life is in danger. Those spineless politicians who wish to spend time pushing this ridiculous agenda in their desperate attempt to win power are only making a fool of themselves. Attacks on the judiciary are unfair and that is why I had expected those rogue elements within the NDC to shut up. The latest attacks on even the chief justice by those regional chairmen of the NDC are needless.

I heard Ade Coker- Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC on the radio foolishly asking for an open public discussion about the performance of the judiciary. That was the most stupid comment I heard on radio on Tuesday. What kind of public discussion on the judiciary do citizens need and what will the public say afterwards? Our politicians ought to get down to the business of running the country so the many problems confronting the country would be resolved. This attention seeking comments will not help anyone.

And just when those silly politicians were busy hacking into each other in the media about the judiciary, a young man was busy sexing himself to death. The story, carried by Daily Guide- a political tabloid- said a 26 year old man had died after six bouts of sex. Report say the lady involved in the sex said he warned the gentleman to stop after the third round but the deceased insisted he was prepared to go beyond the third round.

The lady said he gave him a blow job after which the gentleman took a break, went in for water and continued the action. It was during the sixth bout that he fainted and died. Though pitiable it provided a great deal of laughter to the nation.

As if that was not enough, Enoch Lamptey-Mills, proprietor of the Great Lamptey-Mills School also had his head buried in his palms. He was facing criminal charges of bedding one of her female students. The girl was said to be underage at the time of the bedding.

The lady in question however said the man did not rape her and that they had an affair. He said jailing the man could spell disaster for her and a three year old child who came out as a result of the affair.

She is reported to have told a radio station she had long lost her virginity before going on a sex romping spree with the owner of her school.

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