Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deal with your mess, not WikiLeaks, Interpol &Capitol Hill

Julian Assanage is obviously not a welcome figure in diplomatic circles around the world. Especially if you are a top notch figure in Washington, London, Paris, Harare, Beijing and many diplomatic corridors around the world, then the mention of his name will infuriate you. Since the release of secret diplomatic documents early this week which badly exposed the United States government and her allies, Mr. Assanage, founder of the now famous WikiLeaks website, is being sought for by Interpol in connection with a rather tramped up charges of sexual assaults in Sweden.

Early this week, as mentioned, the website released 250,000 documents which, among others, opened up the hypocrisy of the US governments and their double dealings with crude political leaders in the world such as Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, while public condemning him. The site also exposed how England’s Prince Andrew slammed journalists and how an investigation into a deal back in England could affect a transaction that he had a personal interest in. But news report that Interpol had issued an arrest warrant on the Australian computer wizard has been described as a witch hunt especially at the back of the release of the documents which most people believe there are more to come.

The latest twist by Interpol is no different from a similar arrest and subsequent acquittal charges of sexual assault leveled against him following the release of sensitive documents about the US involvement in Iraq. The latest move by Interpol is reported to have created a deep sense of worry for Mr. Assanage’s mother, who told ABC in an interview that: “He's my son and I love him, and obviously I don't want him hunted down and jailed." "I'm reacting as any mother would - I'm distressed,” according to, Christine Assange.

My first reaction was that both the US and Britain are just up to intimidate the chap who has been on the forefront to expose the rot countries such as the United States and Britain have run their diplomatic issues for many years. How come Interpol is investigating him for alleged sex crimes now, was the sex crime committed only this week or many years ago? That is the question most tweets I have been following are asking.

It is clear that the young chap is being haunted for letting the world know what goes on behind those fine diplomatic handshakes and speeches. It is even surprising for a country such as the United States that believe in free speech to be manipulating Interpol to go after WikiLeaks founder. It will be better for them to deal with the diplomatic mess and save their a** than this shameful attempt to cow the man into submission

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