Monday, December 6, 2010

Drogba’s charitable works and Gbagbo's madness

It is unfortunate that at a time when Ivorian football star Didier Drogba was busy raising funds in London to help establish hospital back in Abidjan, the country’s capital, his own fella Laurent Gbagbo, a humiliated president, is refusing to leave office. He was beaten by his political rival Alassane Ouattara in a run-off election but, like other idiotic African leaders, Gbagbo is refusing to listen to the voice of reason. His actions obviously have the tendency of plunging the country further into the coals.

The country is at the moment divided between the South and North. The latter is controlled by the rebel forces where Mr. Ouattara draws much of his support. There are attempts to get him to sit up and reason like a human being and not an animal. His actions are embarrassing to the works of footballer Didier Drogba who rallied round other countrymen based in England, musicians and colleague football players to raise money to build a hospital back home in a country that an idiot is desperately trying to set on fire.

Didier Drogba launched a charity three years ago to help support vital health and education projects in Africa. Money has already gone to the Red Cross and orphanages in his native Ivory Coast, according to a report in the sun.

"I'm not doing it for publicity - I'm doing it because I'm affected. I'm going to be loud now because I want people to support the charity."

Contrary to his good works, that of his countryman and disgraced ex-president Gbagbo is absolutely disgraceful. The situation in the country continues to slide further into the abyss and, the BBC is now reporting that the United Nations is moving its staff out of the West African country.

“Some 460 staff would continue to carry out their duties from the Gambia, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky was quoted by the BBC.

World leaders obviously appalled by what is happening are now speaking out. Bostwana President Khama Ian Khama urged African heads of state to strongly condemn what was happening. He urged lunatic Gbagbo to step down and safe himself any embarrassment.
Gbagbo’s actions have compelled both the World Bank and the African Developmetn Bank who early this week said they will freeze further assistance to a country whose citizens have suffered poverty and neglect from a corrupt regime.

His foolishness is read a bloat of Drogba’s efforts to bring relief to such persons who have been ignored. It is clear that if he refused to leave, then the fate that befell former military office Robert Guei will fall right on his sickly head.

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