Friday, December 17, 2010

Laurent Gbagbo; the face of electoral fraud

It is clear defeated and disgraced ex-president of Cote D'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo, is not only an electoral fraud but has amassed for himself and family personal fortunes scatttered across unnamed countries. The man most Ivorians see as a nationalist is nothing but a common thief who is no different from the likes of the late Mobutu Sese Seko, Eyadema, Blasie Compoare and the many hooligans across Africa, holding themselves up as leaders. So far, Mr. Gbagbo, a former history professor, has refused to stand down after losing to rival Alassane Ouattar in the second round of an election more than two weeks ago. The European Union has insisted it will impose sanctions on the country if the criminal does not vacate the office he is desperately trying to hold on to by using the military. French President Sarkozy was clear in his mind when he said Mr. Gbagbo, an electoral fraudster, should stand down by the end of the week: "If, by the end of the week, they have not left the office they hold... in violation of the will of the Ivorian people, they will feature by name on the [EU] sanctions list."

Keynan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, himself a victim of electoral fraud, has urged the African Union to remove the criminal by force. He says the AU must have the 'teeth' to bite the criminal out of office before he plunges his country into any further abyss. I'm not one who endorses the use of force but in this instance, i support any possible action, including assassination, to get Gbagbo out of office. For a whole nation to suffer, i would rather he is eliminated. The case of then military leader Robert Guei is still fresh in the minds of many people and it's only resonable that those close to Gbagbo advice him to refer to how Guei was eliminated like a headless chicken.

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