Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quitte le Pouvoir , a message to Laurent Gbagbo

When Ivorian reggae artiste Tiken Jah Fakoly wrote the song, Quitte le Pouvoir – Leave Power, there was no doubt who the butt of the song was; Laurent Gbagbo. And if events currently in Cote D’Ivoire is anything to go by, then his prophesy was apt. The song which has become an anthem to the majority of citizens in that West African country has become relevant at this time especially when Laurent Gbagbo is determined not to leave power, eventhough he was resoundly beaten in an election which has been rigged for him, thanks to the useless and corrupt Constitutional Court headed by an ally.

Opposition leader Alassane Ouattara had earlier been declared victor but supporters of the lunatic Laurent Gbagbo jumped on the results and tore them into shreds. Moments after that madness, soldiers blocked the entry points into the country, disallowed foreign journalists from reporting about any incidents, and got Gbagbo to be sworn as president.

Immediately after that tacky ceremony, proper winner of the elections Mr. Ouattara was also sworn in as the elected president in the presence of UN and AU officials in a private hotel.

When Ivorian Lunatic Gbagbo had no shame and foolishly went ahead to claim the elections had rather been stolen for the eventual winner.

"You think that you can cheat, stuff ballot boxes and intimidate voters and that the other side won't see what is going on," Mr Gbagbo was quoted by the BBC.
In a direct reference to foreign observers, he said: "We didn't ask anyone to come and run our country. Our sovereignty is something I am going to defend."

It is rather sad that after all the mess he created that led to serious division in the country, Lunatic Gbagbo is walking the country right back into the dark moments. It is sad tale but the truth is that he has to “Quitte le Pouvoir.


  1. I am no fun of Gbagbo but I think that you are lashing out alliteratively at Gbagbo out of ignorance and support for what you are yet to discover. We shall only listen to you people if you are accurate. The Constitutional Council has the mandate to review and validate election results if the need be.The constitutional council is the one that can swear in a president. That is what they have done. Take a look at the figures and dispute them if you can or keep mute because some pronouncements such those of the IMF, France and USA are disgusting and has shown where their interest lied in all these. Ivory Coast is for Ivorians not for the French nor the America. Who did the swearing in of Dr. Allasanne Ouattara? Please get involved in Africa and get insightful and refuse to be misled by the BBC. London has no interest in CI that is why they left there very very long ago (almost eight years). Dr. Allasanne knows where to go to seek justice than committing treason. The foreign media have been banned on several occasions from reporting from CI. This is not the first time. They must respect the laws of CI or be thrown out like the child of a prostitute.

  2. Good point on why the USA etc want Gbagbo out so much Mike. They tolerated him for 10 years so... I think he lost, but he is using the constitution well to his advantage.