Friday, December 3, 2010

Do we need a legislation to make women obey men?

I had just finished reading an article on the BBC website about a study conducted by the South African Medical Research Council, which says that majority of men wants women to obey men. Their study was based on a new law that the Malian government intends passing which, when passed, means women in that country will have the right to disobey the orders of their men-especially crude and abusive orders.

I honestly don’t see the sense in that research in the first place, especially when one considers that women and men have always lived with each other, though they have not agreed on everything. I’m not a male chauvinist or one who believes women should be made a handbag of men, no.

I want to see men treat women with respect, dignity and not subject them to foolish beatings, cheating and abuse. I want to see men handle women with the greatest respect ever after all, God created women to work hand in hand with men. So that alone explains it. I have read and seen photos of how women have been beaten to death or harmed by their men, for rather petty reasons. For example in the Arab world and those fanatic moslems and traditionalists, women who refuse to carry out any crude order must be beaten to death or stoned.

That is why I have a problem with those so-called Islamic clerics around the world who believe that men are more than above women and should therefore force them-women- to take their orders even when those orders infringe on their rights.

I’m for respect across board but I don’t even think that whether or not women obeying men should be a subject for discussion. It should be both ways and women must, at all times, learn to respect and obey their men. Equality does not mean that women look down on their men, that will not help anyone. We are all partners in this life.
Together we stand as one.

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